Tabassum Mughal Lawn Collection 2018 by Al Zohaib Textiles

Al-Zohaib Textile presents Tabassum Mughal Lawn 2018. And it looks absolutely stunning. It is one of the best designer Lawn collections of the season. These dresses will surely give you a regal look. Elegant yet innovative designs, and strikingly appealing colors make it one of the must have collections. The designer never fails to impress. This time around, there are as many as 12 exclusive designs – each available in two distinctly different colors. This gives customers the choice to get their favorite design in the color of their choice. One of two colors is bright and bold, other is elegant and light. It is the case with most – but not all – suits in this collection. Purpose is to offer variety in color combinations for the customers.

Prices are Rs. 6,500 for each of Tabassum Mughal Lawn 2018 dresses. Most other designer Lawns are expensive than this. So, it’s safe o say that these Lawn suits not only look striking, they also offer a better package and value for money. Listed below is the complete catalogue. Check all the dresses and see which ones will match with your style.

Al Zohaib Tabassum Mughal Lawn 2017


Al Zohaib Textile have indeed offered a masterpiece of collection. All thanks to the amazing Tabassum Mughal, the summer collection 2017 dresses are a treat to watch. A lot of these suits will make for a perfect dress for formal / semi-formal gatherings. Not only that the prints are attractive, the embroidery work adds an extra layer of style to this.

Launch date for this collection is April 10, 2017. Dresses are available for pre-order starting April 7. You better book your dress from brand’s official website. It is recommended that you do not purchase these from unofficial sellers/retailers. These will be available with stores and retailers in Pakistan as well as abroad.





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