Sania Maskatiya Lawn Collection 2017

The first Al Karam Studio designer collection of the season – Sania Maskatiya Lawn 2017 – with prices at about Rs. 6,000 for a suit launched in April. It features premium new prints with embroidered work so unique that you wouldn’t have seen such awesome combination of print and embroidery before. The colors choices are very careful yet innovative – there are shades of bright yellow, sea green and blue blended together beautifully. This collection is surely a piece of art. If you are considering buying a designler Lawn suit this season, this is a superior, stylish, attractive and premium option that is worth every penny. Have a look at the awesome suits below and see for yourself:

Sania Maskatiya Lawn 2017

There are single shirt pieces as well as complete three piece suits. Have a look at all of them here:

Single Shirt Piece Collection

Price range: PK Rs. 2,675 each:

SM 19 – Beige & Navy Blue

1.25 Meter Digital Embroidered Shirt Front
1.25 Meter Digital Embroidered Shirt Back
Extra Digital Embroidered Sleeves


SM 21 – Green & Navy Blue

1.25 Meter Digital Embroidered Shirt Front
1.25 Meter Digital Embroidered Shirt Back
Extra Digital Sleeves



SM 22 – Yellow & Navy Blue

3.125 Meter Digital Shirt
Separate Embroidered Border


Price for following 2 is Rs. 3,750 each:

SM 20 – Aqua & Peach

1.25 Meter Embroidered Shirt Front
1.25 Meter Embroidered Shirt Back
Extra Embroidered Sleeves


Sania Maskatiya 3 Piece Lawn Suits (Unstitched)

Each unstitched suit contains:

Silk Chiffon Dupatta
1.25 Meter Embroidered Shirt Front
1.25 Meter Embroidered Shirt Back
Extra Embroidered Sleeves
Printed Trouser / Dyed shalwar

Price range: PK Rs. 5,950 each for following:

SM 1 – Sea Green & Cream


SM 6 – Black & Purple


SM 9 – Chrome Yellow & Mint Green



SM 10 – Green & Peach


SM 11 – Cream & Lime Green


SM 14 – Green & Biege



SM 15 – Green & Blue


These suits are priced slightly higher. Prices for these are PK Rs. 6,250 per suit:

SM 2 – Black & Blue


SM 4 – Beige & Green


SM 7 – Red & Turquoise


And finally, this one dress is priced Rs. 6,750 and is available in two colors:

SM 12 – Cream & Maroon

Silk Chiffon Dupatta
1.25 Meter Embroidered Shirt Front
1.25 Meter Shirt Back
Separate Embroidered Motif For Shirt Back
Extra Embroidered Sleeves
2 Meter Separate Printed Border
Dyed Shalwar


That’s the complete collection.

The designer has always been innovative with her designs and have always brought something different for customers. As we look at the dresses, this is a perfect treat that the Sania Maskatiya Lawn 2017 collection is.





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