Rabia Butt in Rungrez Lawn Collection 2017

There are as many as 17 new designs in Rungrez Lawn 2017 collection. All of these are unique in their own way. Donned by the dusky beauty Rabia Butt, the Rungrez Spring Summer collection 2017 looks even more attractive. As for prices, each of the dresses is available for Rs. 6,500. This sounds quite high when compare to other brands. However, you get the complete value for money. These three piece embroidered Lawn suits are ideal for semi formal wear in sizzling Summer. Choice of Chiffon or Silk dupattas adds the extra value. Carefully crafter embroidery work on supreme quality Lawn fabric is just what you need this summer.

Rungrez Lawn 2017

Prices: Each suit is priced Rs. 6,500 and contains:

  • Embroidered Shirt: 3.25 meters
  • Pure Chiffon OR Silk Dupatta: 2.5 meters
  • Trouser: 2.5 meters
  • Embroidered Lace: 1.5 meters
  • Embroidered Lace for Trouser: 1.5 meters

Each dress is designed around a theme, and named accordingly. As you browse the collection below, it would be obvious that each name perfectly describes the dress.

Blue Nile

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Blue NileRungrez Lawn 2017 - Blue Nile


Rungrez Lawn 2017 - CasablancaRungrez Lawn 2017 - Casablanca


Rungrez Lawn 2017 - CotillionRungrez Lawn 2017 - Cotillion

Enchanted Spring

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Enchanted SpringRungrez Lawn 2017 - Enchanted Spring


Rungrez Lawn 2017 - EternityRungrez Lawn 2017 - Eternity

Fountain of Youth

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Fountain of YouthRungrez Lawn 2017 - Fountain of Youth

Garden of Eden

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Garden of EdenRungrez Lawn 2017 - Garden of Eden

Heat Strings

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Heart StringsRungrez Lawn 2017 - Heart Strings

Lady Eve

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Lady EveRungrez Lawn 2017 - Lady Eve

Lavender Blue

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Lavender BlueRungrez Lawn 2017 - Lavender Blue

Modern Mille

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Modern MilleRungrez Lawn 2017 - Modern Mille


Rungrez Lawn 2017 - MoonstruckRungrez Lawn 2017 - Moonstruck

Safari Sunrise

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Safari SunriseRungrez Lawn 2017 - Safari Sunrise

Sahara Cloud

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Sahara CloudRungrez Lawn 2017 - Sahara Cloud

The Flower & The Flame

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - The Flower & The FlameRungrez Lawn 2017 - The Flower & The Flame

Treasure of Pearl

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Treasure of PearlRungrez Lawn 2017 - Treasure of Pearl

Vanity Fair

Rungrez Lawn 2017 - Vanity FairRungrez Lawn 2017 - Vanity Fair

All these unstitched Lawn suits will be available from March 1, 2017. That is not far.

Check all these Rungrez Lawn 2017 suits at your nearest retailers. Hurry up as these stunning designs will not be in stock for long, that’s for sure.





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