Elan Lawn EL-10 A (FANTASÍA)


Delicate and colourful pointillist embroideries contrast wonderfully with the ebony jaquard canvas of ‘Fantasía.’ The French chinois and Persian influences meld in this design to create a striking statement in the midst of the rustic village square.

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Digital Printed Dupatta (Pure Medium Silk) 2.50 Meters
Embroidered Jacquard Shirt Front (Pima Lawn) 1.10 Meters
Printed Shirt Back (Pima Lawn) 1.25 Meters
Embroidered Jacquard Sleeves (Pima Lawn) 0.70 Meters
Paste Printed Trouser (Pima Cotton) 2.50 Meters
Embroidered Neckline Front (Organza) 01 Piece
Embroidered Neckline Back (Organza) 01 Piece
Embroidered Jacquard Side Extensions 1 (Pima Lawn) 02 Pieces
Embroidered Jacquard Side Extensions 2 (Pima Lawn) 02 Pieces
Embroidered Hem Border (Organza) 1.70 Meters
Embroidered Trouser Side Border (Organza) 1.40 Meters



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