Elan Lawn EL-08 B (SELVA)


The soft Mediterranean glow sets off ‘Selva’ to perfection. Crafted from ruffled, texturised striped fabric in deep navy and a blend of artsy animal strokes with tropical flora embroidery creates a bold composition that is not for the faint of heart.

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Digital Printed Dupatta (Pure Medium Silk) 2.50 Meters
Jacquard Shirt Front & Sleeves (Pima Lawn) 1.40 Meters
Printed Shirt Back (Pima Lawn) 1.25 Meters
Dyed Trouser (Pima Cotton) 2.50 Meters
Embroidered Neck Border (Organza) 1.80 Meters
Embroidered Sleeves Border (Organza) 02 Pieces
Embroidered Hem Border 1 (Organza) 01 Piece
Embroidered Hem Border 2 (Organza) 01 Piece
Embroidered Motifs (Organza) 04 Pieces



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