Nomi Ansari Luxury Eid Collection 2017 by Shariq Textiles

Nomi Ansari Eid Collection 2017 by Shariq Textiles is the perfect treat for Eid. Elegant and stylish unstitched suits are made of fine quality Chiffon fabric. With each package that contains the three piece suit fabric, you get a matching embroidery patch. This will make the dresses even more appealing. Prices are around PK Rs. 15K per dress. This is in range of what a suit from Maria B Mbroidered Eid 2017 collection would cost. Hence, it is a competitive price for a semi-formal, unstitched Eid suit.

Shariq Textiles have made a good choice by launching Nomi Ansari Eid Collection 2017. Timing of the launch could not be better. It gives customers enough time to get their dresses stitched well before Eid. So if you have not finalized an Eid dress yet, check the collection listed below and see which of these dresses match your needs.

Shariq Textiles Nomi Ansari Eid Collection 2017

Prices: PK Rs. 14,500 per dress

Each dress contains:

Embroidered Shirt: 2.50 meters
Sleeves (Embroidered): 0.75 meters
Embroidered Dupatta: 2.50 meters
Trouser: 2.23 meters Banarasi / Rao Silk
Added embroidery

Nomi Ansari Eid Collection 2017

There are some elegant colors and sophisticated designs in that list. It’s not all elegance though. Furthermore, the much needed glitter is also there. This will ensure that your dress gets the attention it deserves on occasion of Eid. Purchase these suits from Shariq Textiles authorized retailers and distributors across the country. This is a limited edition designer Eid collection. So, it could get out of stock pretty soon. Rush to stores now to purchase these suits.





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