Nishat Linen Summer Lawn Collection 2017 Volume 1

It’s more than a feeling! Nishat Lawn 2017 vol 1 launched on February 11th. Before the scheduled release in stores, there was a launch ceremony in Emporium Mall Lahore on Friday the 10th. This star studded launch ceremony formally marked the arrival of the first edition of Nishat Linen Spring Collection 2017 vol 1. Every year, Nishat chooses an apt name (and hashtag) for it’s collection. This time around, it’s #MoreThanAFeeling. We are certain the brand will live up to this – as it always have been, previously.

This Nishat Linen Spring 2017 collection is a mix of Cambric, Lawn, and Chiffon fabrics. Designs are stylish and appropriate for the Spring season. Fabric quality is amazing, as always.

Catalogue is now up, and available to view. See it below:

Nishat Linen Spring Summer Collection 2017 Vol 1

The collection is categorized by prices, and fabric types. Check it out here:

Nishat Lawn Collection 2017 Vol 1

Two Piece Printed Suits

Prices: PK Rs. 1,790 each

Each suit contains:

  • Printed Voile Dupatta (100% Cotton)
  • Printed Lawn Shirt Front and Back (100% Cotton)



Two Piece Printed Suits with Embroidery Patch

Prices: Rs. 2,350

  • Printed Voile Dupatta (100% Cotton)
  • Printed Lawn Shirt Front and Back with embroidered neckline (100% Cotton)


Three Piece Lawn Suits

Prices: Rs. 3,200

  • Printed Voile Dupatta (100% Cotton)
  • Printed Lawn Shirt Front and Back with embroidery work (100% Cotton)
  • Dyed Printed Trouser (100% Cotton)


Prices Rs. 3,300 each for the following


Finally, there are some Nishat Chiffon 2017 prints, that are part of this collection too. Check them out below:

Printed Chiffon Three Piece Suits

PK Rs. 4,800 per dress.

Each dress contains:

  • Printed plain chiffon Dupatta (100% silk)
  • Printed Lawn Shirt Front and Back with embroidered border 100% Cotton)
  • Dyed Printed Trouser (100% Cotton)


This amazing collection is definitely #MoreThanAFeeling. Visit stores now to shop these fresh Nishat Lawn 2017 suits. Prices, as we listed above, are well within reach of Rs. 3,500. So what are you waiting for. Rush to stores now before you favorite prints get sold out.

Don’t forget to check Nishat Cambric collection 2017 that is also part of this spring/summer range.