Nishat Linen Lawn 2018 Spring Summer Collection

This has to be one of the best Lawn collections of this seasons. It’s a bit early to say that but looking at this amazing Nishat Lawn 2018 collection, we are certain that there won’t be many collections that will match the awesomeness of this one. Beautiful designs with funky, bright colors and affordable prices. There’s hardly a dress priced over Rs. 5,000 in Nishat Linen Spring Summer collection 2018 volume 1. This year’s theme is “Chase the Fun”, and these dresses fit this theme perfectly. In addition to the bright and youthful dresses, there are classic elegant prints too. Choice of fabric includes Lawn, Cambric, and Chiffon.

Have a look at this classy collection below:

Nishat Linen Spring Summer 2018 Vol 1

Collection is further subdivided into two piece and three piece dresses.

Nishat Lawn 2018 – 2 Piece Collection

Here is what each dress contains:

Price: Rs. 1,750

  • Printed Lawn shirt
  • Printed Cambric trouser

Price: Rs. 1,990

  • Lawn shirt
  • Lawn dupatta

Price: 2,390

  • Lawn shirt
  • Lawn dupatta
  • Embroidered patch / motif / border


Nishat Lawn 2018 3 Piece Collection

Prices per dress: PK Rs. 2,890 to Rs. 3,200

  • Printed Voil Dupatta
  • Printed Lawn Shirt (100% Cotton)
  • Dyed Cambric Trouser (100% Cotton)

Nishat Linen Crinkle Chiffon 2018 Collection

2 Piece

Price: PK Rs. 2,190 each

  • Printed Krincle Chiffon Dupatta
  • Printed Lawn Shirt

3 Piece

Price: PK Rs. 4,000 to 4,500 each

  • Printed Viscose Krincle Chiffon Dupatta (100% Viscose + Blended Chiffon)
  • Printed Lawn Shirt (100% Cotton)
  • Embroidered Patch
  • Dyed Cambric Trouser (100% Cotton)

This new range of Nishat Linen Spring Summer 2018 collection is available in stores starting February 10, 2018. Check out the complete range of Nishat Lawn dresses and buy your favorite suits today.

Nishat Linen Summer 2018 Catalog Video

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