Mina Hasan Lawn Collection by Shariq

Shariq Textiles presents Mina Hasan Lawn 2017 collection. with prices per dress set at PK Rs. 6,000. This is one of the first designer lawn collections of Spring / Summer 2017 season. There are as many as 14 new and exclusive prints to choose from and all of them are priced the same. So it all comes down to choosing your preferred color and selecting the print that you like the best.

I must say the price tag is a bit higher. Looking at the dresses, the designs are good but not as creative as some of the established names while the prices are very much in the same range. Anyhow, the dresses are not dull by any means and many customers will actually like these. There is embroidery work on each one of these to give them the premium feel. Separate front and back panels for shirt are also a nice to have feature. As for trousers, we have matching trousers for some suits and contrast / different colors for others. Beautiful patterns on trouser make it look trendy and add to the value of the dress. Last but not the least, dupatta compliments the design perfectly.

Overall, this is pretty good range of designer Lawn suits. See for yourself:

Mina Hasan Lawn Collection 2016-2017

Prices: PK Rs. 5.950 per suit:

mina-hasan-lawn-2016-1a-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-1a-front1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-1b-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-1b-front1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-2a-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-2a-front1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-2b-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-2b-front1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-3b-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-3b-front1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-4a-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-4a-front1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-5a-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-5a-front1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-5b-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-5b-front1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-6A-BACK mina-hasan-lawn-2016-6A-FRONT mina-hasan-lawn-2016-7a-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-7a-front1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-7b-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-7b-front- mina-hasan-lawn-2016-8a-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-8a-front1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-8b-back1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-8b-front1mina-hasan-lawn-2016-3a-front1 mina-hasan-lawn-2016-3a-back1

These suits are being distributed and sold by Shariq Textiles. So if you want to purchase any of these, visit the stockists / stores of Shariq Textiles before the collection runs out of stock.





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