Lawn Suits – Summer 2017

Looking for designer Lawn suits 2017? You will find a wide range of Pakistani Lawn dresses listed here. It includes premium quality designer dresses with supreme quality embroidery work as well as relatively low-priced Lawn suits from big clothing brands like Gul Ahmed, Khaadi, Nishat Linen, Al Karam Textiles, and more.

Lawn is perhaps the most loved fabric of Pakistan. And creative fashion designers as well as the textile industry as a whole deserve the credit for this. Pakistani Lawn dresses are popular not only for the quality of fabric but also because of the creativity of the designs. Each year we see variety of Lawn fabric, in stitched and unstitched form, embroidered and printed, that gets released through number of retail partners within Pakistan as well as abroad.  While it started with fewer brands, mostly the textile mills who started manufacturing and marketing attractive and adorable Lawn prints. The fashion designers joined the Lawn bandwagon soon after the trend started to pick up. And now there are plenty of designer Lawn dresses to choose from.

Almost all mainstream Pakistani designers offer Lawn dresses. The designer suits are priced higher than others but still they get sold out very quickly. Such is the demand for these dresses.

That’s because Lawn is the fabric of choice for women in Pakistan and also in some of the other South Asian countries including India and Bangladesh where the temperatures get pretty hot in the summers. In such hot weather, the lightweight fabric provides great comfort and convenience. The smooth, texture-less, and soft feel of Lawn is surely one of the reasons why the fabric became so popular in the region. But another factor that played its role was the cost and style.

Lawn fabric is priced a tad lower than the likes of Khaddar, Silk or Cambric. But it gives designers liberty to play with wide range of colors in accordance with the Spring and Summer season. The stylish prints and cool colors add a nice flavor to the Summer. And because the fabric cost is slightly lower, even the designer Lawn suits are well within reach.

These, among other factors, have given rise to an industry that churns out hundreds of Lawn prints, each designed differently, every year. The Pakistani Lawn dresses prices start from a modest mark of PK Rs. 2,500 and even the most expensive buys rarely cross the four digits’ mark. Designer suits are usually priced somewhere between PK Rs. 5,000 to PK Rs. 7,000.

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