Khaadi Mid Summer Collection 2018

You are in for a treat. Khaadi just launched it’s brand new collection that brings their latest Lawn prints. Khaadi Mid Summer collection 2018 is in stores now. It offers a vast range of printed and embroidered Lawn suits. Majority of these suits are two piece but there are some three piece dresses as well. If you want to go for an economical dress, the printed Lawn 2 piece suits offer great value for money. On the other hand, three piece suits offer a complete package – shirt, shalwar piece, and dupatta. Price for 3pc Khaadi Lawn suit is of course higher than 2pc.

Vivid colors inspired from rich history, tracing the turns of time is the hallmark of Khaadi Midsummer Collection 2018. As for the prints, each dress is unique in it’s own way. Collection is based around different design themes. That helps you choose the type of design you want. Each theme then has multiple designs in different colors. So each product is aesthetically rich and offers great quality fabric. Check the complete collection below.

Khaadi Midsummer Collection 2018

Prices are mentioned on each photo. Tap/click on it to zoom it.

Three Piece Collection

This three piece collection, inspired from the tales of the East, will dress you up effortlessly. You’re bound to look striking in those exotic sunsets, adorned in the heritage, embellished with tradition, reflecting the rich splendor of the magnificent east.

Traditional Gems

Printed with precious memories of the East, this three piece Lawn collection is tradition redesigned perfectly for today. Adding a modern twist to ethnic motifs, stripes, susi, plaits and traditional subcontinental block print.

Eastern Splendor

Designed with eastern elegance, the three piece embroidered collection takes inspiration from all over the East – fresh Chinese florals with lacy embroidery, rich hues of Persian carpets with Uzbek embroidery and bold chintz and shibori from the subcontinent.

Two Piece Collection

Breeze through this season with Khaadi mid-summer 2018 collection featuring these new and versatile fabrics that make up its stunning two piece range. Inspired from the exotic East, ranging from cool pastels to earthly rustics, the creatively blended color palettes have a classic yet a brand new feel to it. Check out the collection below.

Blossoming Florals

Fresh and bright, digitally printed embroidered shirts and Lawn pants. Envisaged as an extension of color blocking featuring botanical florals.

Embroidered Inspiration

Embroidered shirts with printed Lawn dupattas featuring designs from geometric elements and timeless Subcontinental motifs to Oriental Japanese florals.

Geometric Grace

Embroidered Khaadi Lawn shirts and shalwars make up this two piece collection. Inspiration stems from linear patterns of Swati costumes and traditional Afghani jewelry as well as geometric prints with floral silhouettes.

Inspired Tradition

Printed Lawn shirts and embroidered shalwars boldly inspired from Uzbek and Persian carpets along with feminine chintz on delicate dyes of shibori.

Native Elegance

This collection introduces Khaadi printed Lawn shirts and dupattas inspired from the Subcontinental block print philosophy and the ethnic designs of Kashmiri shawls.

Ottoman Opulence

Khaadi introduces embroidered Brosha embossed fabric conceived from costumes of the Ottoman empire. A rich and exotic collection featuring a pastel to bright color palette.

Vibrant Vibes

Digitally printed designs inspired from Ukrainian and Romanian costumes.mixed with colorful Mexican floral prints. A versatile two piece collection that’s deep yet bright and bold.

Khaadi’s midsummer collection is in stores starting June 29, 2018. Visit your nearest Khaadi store or shop online from their official online store.

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