Khaadi Lawn Volume 2 Summer Collection 2017

The blockbuster first edition is followed by Khaadi Lawn 2017 volume 2. It is launching on on April 15th – that’s this coming weekend. Some other brands have already introduced the 2nd volumes of their collections. Gul Ahmed is one such brand, so is Satrangi Lawn by Bonanza. Although Gul Ahmed’s summer collection vol 2 was rather small and introduced handful of new dresses. Still, they made new designs available last week. Now it’s the time for Khaadi to bring to stores the new prints to its summer 2017 collection.

Now that summer is finally getting into flow. We are seeing new designs being added to Spring / Summer collection. It’s not just Khaadi Lawn collection 2017 vol 2 that will be launching this weekend. In addition to that, Sapphire is also gearing up for release of Sapphire Lawn 2017 volume 2. These will be welcome additions and will provide customers with more options to choose when getting their favorite summer dresses. Not that they do not have much choices already. But still.

Khaadi Lawn Summer Collection 2017 Vol 2

This collection is a exclusive combination of eastern inspired botanicals, geometric patterns and intricate embroideries. Check ‘em all out below:

Khaadi Lawn 2017 – 5 Piece Suits

These five piece unstitched dresses exhibit the geometric prints with unique laces and intricate embroidery. You get the complete package – a three piece suit coupled with matching / contrasting lace, and embroidered patches. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Khaadi Lawn 2017 – 5 Piece SuitKhaadi Lawn 2017 – 5 Piece SuitKhaadi Lawn 2017 vol 2 – 5 Piece SuitKhaadi Lawn 2017 vol 2 – 5 Piece SuitKhaadi Lawn 2017 vol 2 – 5 Piece SuitKhaadi Lawn 2017 vol 2 – 5 Piece SuitKhaadi Lawn vol 2 2017 – 5 Piece SuitKhaadi Lawn vol 2 2017 – 5 Piece Suit

Khaadi Lawn Vol 2 – Printed Satin Collection

Beautiful silk satin infused with geometrical prints and botanical flowers. These stunning prints look amazing and are available for rather lower prices.


More designs will be unveiled soon. There are still a few days to go for this to be available. So, are you ready to shop these classic eastern prints from Khaadi Lawn vol 2 on April 15th?

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