Gul Ahmed YOLO Collection 2017 for Teens

Surprise! In addition to the Summer collection volume 2, we have this fresh new range of dresses from our favorite brand. Titled Gul Ahmed YOLO Collection 2017, this is new addition to the already impressive line-up of dresses. It targets youth specifically, and has some trendy designs at very economical prices. The single shirt pieces are priced Rs. 1,200 each and contain 1.75 meters fabric. This is good enough for a shirt piece. Colors are bright, bold, and form a great fusion together. Choice of palette is very careful. There is hardly a boring design in this collection.

Then there are the Gul Ahmed Denim shirt pieces. We have seen Sapphire and Khaadi Denim collection already. Gul Ahmed, however, was missing out on this popular new product category. Not any longer. The brand has made a great entry into denim shirts / kurtas with beautiful embroidered pieces. They are still able to maintain a competitive price point – which is great.

Gul Ahmed YOLO Collection 2017

Gul Ahmed Scented Lawn Collection 2017

Put some pep to your wardrobe with fruity printed fabrics infused with flavorful fragrances.

Digital Printed Shirts
Prices: Rs. 1,200 each
Type: unstitched
What each package contains: 1.75 meters shirt piece


Gul Ahmed Denim Shirts Unstitched

Prices: Rs. 3,500 each

  • Embroidered Denim Lawn Front – 1.25 meters
  • Denim Lawn Back & Sleeves – 2.25 meters
  • Printed Dupatta – 2.5 meters


This collection is targeted at teens, and younger audience. College / University going girls will find some great designs in this new range. It has a certain youthful appeal to it that makes the dresses stand out. It’s different from other collections. Obviously the Black & White collection won’t appeal much to young ones. Denim shirt pieces, however, are much in demand. Several other collections, like Khaadi Denim collection 2017, are already available. This collection though is unstitched. So you can get it stitched to your size.

Check out all these designs in Gul Ahmed YOLO Collection 2017 that will be launching this weekend.





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