Gul Ahmed Mid Summer Cambric Collection 2017

It’s the cool merchandise for hot season. Gul Ahmed Mid Summer collection 2017 has all the ingredients to be a hit. The quality of the fabric, super trendy and chick designs and, above all, the variety and range to choose from is what makes it a collection worth a look. There is plenty to choose from, with 100s of designs.

The collection offers new and latest range of Gul Ahmed Cambric 2017 dresses. So if you were wondering that summer will be over soon – why this collection. Well, cambric fabric is perfect for the season. That’s why it’s choice of ladies when weather is neither too hot nor cold. You can wear these beautiful suits as the season transitions from hot and humid summer to cold and breezy winter.

Gul Ahmed Mid Summer Cambric Collection 2017

Prices for each dress are also listed alongside it. Have a look at the catalog below:

Price Range: PK Rs. 1149 Each

gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCN-1_2 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCN-1_3 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCN-2_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCN-2_3 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCN-9_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCN-9_4 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCN-10_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCN-10_2 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCN-11_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCN-11_2

Prices, Rs. 1750 for each of following 2 suits:

gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-TCBN-1A_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-TCBN-1A_2 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-TCBN-1B_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-TCBN-1B_3

Price Range: PK Rs. 1800 Each

gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SCE-8A_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SCE-8A_3 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SCE-8B_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SCE-8B_3 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCE-7_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-SDCE-7_2

Rs. 3000 for each of these two:

gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-CBE-25A_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-CBE-25A_3 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-CBE-25B_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-CBE-25B_3

Rs. 4200

gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-C-453_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-C-453_3 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-C-454_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-C-454_2 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-CBE-15_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-CBE-15_2

Rs. 5000 per unstitched suit for these:

gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-CT-205_2 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-CT-205_3 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-CT-217_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-CT-217_2

Get this one for Rs. 6000:

gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-PM-184_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-PM-184_3

And Rs. 6500 for this:

gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-PM-185_1 gul-ahmed-midsummer-cambric-2016-PM-185_2

As you can see, Gul Ahmed Mid Summer Collection 2017 is a perfect blend of Trencia Satin Silk, Embroidered Cambric, Chantilly de Chiffon, La Chiffon. These are available at affordable prices.

You can shop for these dresses from any of Gul Ahmed Ideas stores across country. These will also be available online on brand’s official website. We recommend you do not buy from any unofficial or unauthorized sources to make sure you get the original product, not the replica. And as always, head to the stores as soon as you can, before your desired dress gets sold out. Happy shopping!





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