50 Best Mehndi Designs to Apply on Hands

Elegant Mehndi designs are a must have for any occasion. It’s so popular in subcontinent that you will easily find an expert that will put beautiful Henna art on your hands, feet, arms or any body part you want it on. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it’s simple to apply and won’t last forever. In a way, it’s like a temporary tattoo that lasts for about a week and then fades away with time. This makes it ideal for those who want a stylish tattoo that will not last longer and will not need a painful removal process.

Mehndi aka Henna is one of the essential body arts for many in South Asia and Middle East. Pure Mehndi is made of Henna tree leaves – grinded in form of powder. In days gone by, Henna powder was mixed with water to make the paste that was then applied to hands and feet with help of a thin straw. That process, however, has become obsolete. In present day, it comes packaged in a tube that you push slightly release the paste. This packaging played an important role in making it so popular.

Here we are listing as many as 50 cool Mehendi designs 2018 for hands. You can try them out, starting from easier designs and then moving on to more complex ones as you perfect the art of applying it. If possible, it’s best to find someone who is expert in Mehndi application and ask them to do it for you. It’s obviously quite difficult to apply it on your own hands.

Best Mehndi Designs 2018

If you are gonna apply it yourself and you’re not an expert in applying it then its recommended that you select a simple Mehndi design first. And then as you learn the art, go for a complex and stylish option to show off your style.


These are some really cool Mehndi designs 2018 for palm and back of the hand. A palm design can easily be applied on back of the hand and vice versa. Same is with the design on fingers. For best results, it’s better if you customize the design depending upon the occasion that you are wearing it on. For example, a Mehndi design for Eid might not be suitable for a wedding party. So you must take this into account and then decide how you are going to apply a selected design.

Another thing to notice is the shape of your hand. Some designs will look much better on heavier hands than on slimmer hands. So use the ones listed above as inspiration to create something cool that will suit you. All the best!




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