Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection 2014 Volume 1 for Summer

Hottest and the most awaited collection of the season is here. Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection 2014 with prices from Rs. 1,800 to Rs. 3,000. Most of the Gul Ahmed Lawn 2014 dress prices are set at Rs. 2,700 which is very reasonable when compared to what some of the other brands are offering. The Gul Ahmed Embroidered Lawn prices are higher though and are in range of Rs. 4,000. Still you get good value for money as the fabric is of really good quality and is available in plenty of themed printed pieces for shirt and dupatta and dyed piece for shalwar. Check the collection here:

Gul Ahmed Lawn 2014 Collection Volume 1

Following collections are part of volume 1 offering, first up the collections with price range of Rs. 2,700:

  • Normal Lawn
  • Persian Lawn
  • Psychedelic Lawn
  • Chunri Print
  • Moroccan Lawn

All of these are priced below 3,000 Rupees. Most of them are Rs. 2,700 apiece. And following are the ones priced at Rs. 4,000 and above:

  • Embroidered Lawn
  • Prima Lawn
  • Gul Ahmed Signature Series Lawn

Dresses from all of these collections can be found below:

Gul Ahmed Normal Lawn 2014 Collection

2CL-01A, 2CL-01B and 2CL-01C are priced at Rs. 1,800 each.
CL-90A, CL-90B and CL-90C are priced Rs. 2,950 each.
All other dresses rates are set at Rs. 2,700.


More collections will be added soon … stay tuned!