Bareeze Embroidered Classics Eid Collection 2013 Available in Stores Now

Your wait for Bareeze Embroidered Classics is over. This season’s much awaited Bareeze Eid Collection 2013 is in stores now. Featuring some of the finest Bareeze embroidered prints, the collection is available at Bareeze stores in different cities across Pakistan. Priced reasonably, the collection can be purchased from any stockist / store. Here is preview of what you can expect from Bareeze this year:

Update: Complete collection of un-stitched Bareeze Eid 2013 dresses is given at the end of this post.

Here are some of the highlights:

First up is the beautiful Bareeze Swiss Lawn dress, available in 3 colors and 3 designs:

Bareeze Eid Collection 2013 Swiss Lawn

And this one is Balochi style Bareeze Swiss Lawn 2013 dress for Eid. It’s available in 4 colors and 3 designs.

Bareeze Swiss Lawn Collection 2013

Here is a beautiful Bareeze Chiffon 2013 dress which is available in 3 colors and 3 designs:

Bareeze Chiffon Collection 2013

Now this is the Polyester Net dress by Bareeze available in 3 colors and 1 design:

Bareeze Polyester Net Collection 2013



Bareeze Eid Collection 2013

Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-1 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-2 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-3 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-4 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-5 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-6 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-7 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-8 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-9 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-10 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-11 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-12 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-13 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-14 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-15 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-16 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-17 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-18 Bareeze-Eid-Collection-2013-19 Bareeze Eid Collection 2013

To check full range of dresses yourself and to check out Bareeze Eid collection 2013 prices, please head to your nearest Bareeze store.