Al Karam Eid Festival Collection 2013 by Al Karam Studios

Al Karam Eid Collection 2013 has been released and is now available in stores across Pakistan as well as abroad. Titled Al Karam Festival Collection 13, it features beautiful prints and vibrant colors. And there are plenty of dresses to choose from. Al Karam Eid collection price is quite reasonable as it ranges between Rs. 3,800 to Rs. 5,750. Here is the complete collection

Al Karam Eid Collection 2013 [Catalogue]

AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (1)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (2)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (3)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (4)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (5)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (6)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (7)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (8)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (9)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (10)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (11)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (12)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (13)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (14)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (15)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (16)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (17)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (18)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (19)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (20)AlKaram-Eid-Collection-2013 (21)

Al Karam Studios is one of the most trusted clothing brands in Pakistan and many people look forward to their latest offerings. Having a look at the prints, we are sure you won’t be disappointed with Al Karam Festival Collection 2013 for Eid.

Al Karam Eid Collection 2013 Prices

Prices are mentioned on each image posted above. It starts from Rs. 3,800 and goes up to Rs. 5,750.