Gul Ahmed Ideas Open House Sale 2013

Get ready for the first sale of summer 2013. Gul Ahmed Ideas open house sale 2013 is starting from today May 18th. Starting today, there is up to 70% off on various items that include men & women apparel, accessories as well as on bed sheets. It’s not sure how long the sale will last but one thing is certain that the stock will not last for long. To shop for best sale items, you should rush to the stores soon as you can. Here are the details of how much is off on different products:

Gul Ahmed Open House Sale 2013 @ Ideas

Women Apparel:


Bags & Shows:

Gul Ahmed Bags on Sale 2013 Gul Ahmed Bags & Shoes on Sale 2013 Gul Ahmed Shoes on Sale 2013

Bed Sheets:

Gul Ahmed Bed Sets on Sale 2013 Gul Ahmed Bed Sets on Sale 2013 Gul Ahmed Bed Sets on Sale 2013

Men’s Shirts & Kurtas

Gul Ahmed Men's Shirts & Kurtas on Sale 2013 Gul Ahmed Men's Shirts on Sale 2013

To get maximum savings and buy the best items from Gul Ahmed 2013 sale, head to your nearest Gul Ahmed Ideas store now.