Bonanza Summer Lawn Collection 2013 in Stores Now

Bonanza Summer Collection 2013 has finally been unveiled as Bonanza Lawn 2013 prints have started making their way out slowly for your viewing pleasure. You will be able to purchase the embroidered Lawn suits from March 29th. Although it’s quite late for Bonanza as the collection from some other brands is already in stores for nearly 1 month now. However, it’s worth the wait as the lawn prints look beautiful with creative prints and good color combination. Here’s the collection:

Bonanza Lawn 2013 (Summer Collection)

Bonanza-Lawn-2013-1A Bonanza-Lawn-2013-1BBonanza-Lawn-2013-2A Bonanza-Lawn-2013-2BBonanza-Lawn-2013-3A Bonanza-Lawn-2013-3BBonanza-Lawn-2013-4A Bonanza-Lawn-2013-4B

As for the pricing, Bonanza Lawn 2013 prices are rumored to be between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 5,000. It’s not official though but we will surely get to know soon as the collection will be available in stores from today.